Dakota Parker ; 20 ; Aspiring Writer

Since I was a child I’ve been passionate about many things, though the two things that have carried through until this day have been writing and video games– and so I’ve decided to combine my two passions to lead to what will hopefully be my future career. I have a green cheek conure named Marie Antoinette, a chow chow named T’ang, and a beta fish named Noel. I spend most of my time texting my girlfriend or reblogging stuff on tumblr or– of course, role playing.

It’s what I take on as an identity, the titles or role player and writer, and while the first may seem silly and even juvenile to many people, I hope to, in this blog and some of my arguments, dispel this notion. When you hear the word role playing, I don’t want you to think of any negative connotation that people often attach it with– ‘nerds with no life’ or ‘people who refuse to face reality’. It take’s some real talent to be a role player, and definitely some hard work, dedication and… well a decent vocabulary.

Video games, yeah, that’s definitely controversial. Some people consider it an art while others think it’s a complete and mindless waste of time– and of course I’m not with the latter. Certainly you have Call of Duty and Black Ops and such, shoot ’em up games (while not in my range of gaming I mean these titles no disrespect), there are titles with an even deeper meaning that are found in not only their plot, but their gaming style and dynamics as well. Games can touch your heart, deeply seeded emotions, and make you laugh as well as cry. Just give it a try, pick of a controller, pop in The Last of Us and take everything in. The atmosphere, the story, the characters and their personalities.

For the people fighting for these positive perspectives on lesser-known terms, I am proud. It certainly isn’t easy, either, seeing as these activities are looked down upon in so many societies, by so many people… But if we don’t tell them, show them, make them see what they’re stereotyping, who will? No, we’re not lazy bums with no jobs living in our grandmothers basement, unable to face reality. We’re normal people too! We have lives, jobs, hobbies just like you ‘normal’ people! And besides, what’s wrong with getting away from reality sometimes? From the war and hurt and pain and hatred?

When people ask me why I put so much sugar and milk in my coffee I tell them: “Because I have enough bitterness in my life.”


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