Analyzing Sources (Due 11/14/2014) #11

For my half of the argument, which will be presented in this paper, I have a number of sources which prove that cats should not be fed vegetarian and vegan kibbles and wet foods. This has become an increasingly popular trend, especially in the past couple of years, though it is not clear whether we should be feeding our carnivorous pets these kinds of meat-free diets.

On PETA’s website, they actually commend the vegan and vegetarian diets for our pets, which would fall right in line with their beliefs that absolutely nothing should be eating meat. This article gives us a list of dog food brands as well to order from, as well as some issues that may come along with feeding our carnivorous pets these kinds of foods. What makes it a reliable source? First off Peta is very well known for their (questionable) support on stopping animal abuse and cruelty, and their domain is .org which represents a non-profit organization. The website is obvious updated on a daily basis, more than a few times a day as well, and while the date of the article posted isn’t there, the comments date to November of 2013, so a year isn’t really that old.  It is completely relevant to the subject of my paper, and a reliable source as well due to the popularity of Peta and the fact that they’re such a large and well known non-profit organization. You can’t build something like that on lies!

Second is a source from a website called While this isn’t as well known as Peta in any shape or form, it is still a non-profit organization that is very up to date. The article describes the felines chemical and nutritional needs, and how they gain this from food. It argues that cats should not be fed vegetarian meals due to the nutrient deficiencies they can experience from these foods– even ones that have a brand name such as Vegecat are found to be lacking in several areas. The article is also written by a woman who as a DVM (Doctor of Vet. Medicine) and CVA (Certivied Vet. Acupunturist) meaning she knows more than a thing or two about cats. Not to mention she also runs her own vet house-call practice, where she gives exams to pets in the comfort of their own home. It is obvious this woman cares a lot about animals and both how they feel, as well as their comfort and health.

Both of these sources are very current and accurate due to the fact that they both are credible sources and have similar opinions on a cats nutritional needs– even though they have opposing views. They are both extremely relevant to my paper and as to why cats should not be fed vegetarian and vegan pet foods.

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