Setting Up My Opposition [Due 10/28/1014] #8

EDIT: Good job me, letting this sit in my drafts FOR TWO WEEKS.

While I had last spoke about depression and writing, after much research conducted I came up with little to nothing. So in that I decided to switch my scope from writing to something else I care deeply about: animals.

More specifically pets.

More specifically pets who are fed vegan diets that aren’t supposed to be vegan at all.

Dogs and cats are the main focus, seeing as both are carnivorous or omnivorous creatures that need meat in their diets in order to survive– or at least survive healthily. Through my research so far it seems that the most important vitamins garnered from meat by this animals is called Taurine, which helps with the cardiovascular system in both dogs and cats, as well as aids their eye sight health. I am opposed to feeding our cats and dogs these kinds of vegan pet foods no matter how many supplements they put into the kibbles and wet foods. These animals have grown from wolves and feral felines, both of which who dine of meat as their main dish. Vegetables have little to no nutrients that they can absorb, nonetheless digest.

My main audience will be pet owners, both vegetarian and otherwise, because they are of course the ones who make the decisions. If dogs and cats could read, I would direct this toward them. Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone could read woof woof meow meow bark purr whine.

Other audiences effected by this would be commercial dog food companies, the FDA, and other privately owned vegetarian pet food companies.

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