Clarity in Opposition [Due 11/7/2014] #10

I had learned more than I anticipated from my Rogerian argument paper, but needless to say I’m very grateful for an opportunity to look into the other side of things. I had learned that vegetarian and vegan diets actually aren’t as bad as they seem for dogs and cats, though I still have some remaining opposition about the latter. I hadn’t known about Taurine, or even the that that dogs were omnivorous. I thought they were carnivorous like wolves. I had always known that these people, vegans and vegetarians, only wanted the best for their pets just like anyone else (except abusive people) and that perhaps their diet is even better for pets than we think.

Honestly there isn’t a lot of faultiness in my oppositions argument– or half opposition. Certainly they could have provided more information on how they know that ‘junk’ meat is being put into our pet foods… But honestly I believe them. McDonalds did it with chicken nuggets at one point, and I’m certain its still happening in factories that produce dog and cat foods as well. I’m all for feeding my dogs meat– but not crap. A lot of the evidence is scientifically based and proven, which provides a strong standpoint for their argument.

However the fact that vegetarian foods are still fed to cats bothers me a bit. Certainly there are vitamins for consumption that you can get in a pet store– but honestly with the price of the vegan foods already, its a very expensive habit to maintain. Maybe it’s because I’m not a cat lover that I’m less open minded– but their best interest is still in my view. Taurine deficiencies (which cats can only make Taurine for meat) can cause major heart issues that can lead to death. While yes, the Taurine medicine can be safe for both cats and dogs, I feel that they should get their nutrients from the source. Just as it is healthier for us to get our vitamins and minerals from fruits and veggies rather than multivitamins (though the latter is safe), should we be feeding our cats the best as well? To avoid copious expenses and ‘junk’ meat, we should make our own cat foods– or have the FDA monitor our pet foods more closely.

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