What I care about. (DUE 10/17/2014) #7

What do I care about? Well there are a lot of things and people that I care about, but that simply isn’t the point of this post. For the second paper that I’m going to write I would like for the basis of my paper to be on mental illness, however delving further into specifics I will be focusing more on how depression/schizophrenia effects the arts– mostly writing, though I will briefly mention some other artists (such as Van Gogh, just to make a point that it effects so many different types of people). It relates to my label as a writer though the string of creativity, how both symptoms of mental illnesses and the hub for creativity both take place in the frontal lobe of the brain.

It was an article that I ran into that made me delve so deeply into the interesting subject. I never thought that the two were remotely related, and so I would like to find out more about the relation between creativity and mental illnesses– such as depression, and what other illnesses it an cause such as alcoholism.

Now I know it seems like I’ll be branching off into a lot of things, but I will mainly be focused on the science of depression, how it effects creativity, and how it has effected writers in the past. I feel this is not only a great subject to research, but it will relate a lot with my audience as well, seeing as so many teens (including myself) especially in Alaska, have depression.

For the three posts to focus on, I would like to use:

  1. This one
  2. https://phyllorhiza.wordpress.com/2014/09/20/label-writer-rough-draft-due-9192014/
  3. https://phyllorhiza.wordpress.com/2014/10/04/putting-words-about-words-into-pictures-due-10314/

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