Visual Arguments as Supporting Evidence (Due 10/10/2014) #6

I choose “A Temporary Life” by Marconi Union for two main reasons– besides the fact that I really love the ambient and relaxing music they present, I feel this song in particular will resonate with the second half of my presentation. I will be talking a lot about depression and the side effects, since it is a common and very serious trope that the writer carries. Also, I feel even the title relates to the writer as well– writing is like living a second life, one you imagine or research, but it is only temporary, returning to your own life once you stop. It has a deeper song that will give a more serious tone to the presentation, as well as the fact that it will also be very easy to transition from another song by them that I’m using: Sleepless.

This Will be at the beginning, high notes and relaxing tones giving an insight into what I feel writing does to me. It is relaxing, calms my nerves and helps with my anxiety, as well as seemingly takes me into another world… Which the ethereal tones in this piece accurately portray in my mind. My goal is for the audience to perhaps not fully understand what I’m thinking, but for the music to give the words that appear a deeper and more serious meaning as well.

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