Putting words about words into pictures. [DUE 10/3/14] #5

What were your favorite parts of your paper?

Definitely the article about how chemicals between mental diseases and creativity in the frontal lobe correlate and create similar experiences, as well as how medication can hinder the creative process. I want to show more famous authors as well, going into their history with depression/mental issues as well as alcoholism.

How will you represent these parts in the photo essay?

Lot’s of quotes from the article, pictures of the famous authors as well as the bottles of medication, pills. Hopefully a spoken narration as well by myself.

Would text, image, or sound be the best way to represent this information?

Most likely text and sound, but images of who the authors are can potentially help as well. When dealing with stereotypes, images can be used to make the audience chuckle a bit, drawing them further into the presentation and keeping their attention focused on the presentation.

What elements of your paper are so essential to your overall argument that they must be included in your photo essay?

Chemicals, creativity, medication and all the relation between depression and writing will be essential, as it is one of the biggest stereotypes I would like to dispel, or at least explain in a way that it will be less something to make fun of, and more a clinical concern that should be noted.

What parts might you leave out? Why?

Most likely I will have to simply skim over other stereotypes, merely saying they’re silly (most of them are) so I can get in the most information about the more concerning ones to me. This is simply for time management.

What tools do you plan to use for your photo essay?

Hopefully a power point synced with some audio of me narrating it. Most likely just a basic video maker like windows movie maker.

Will you use your own photos, artwork, or creative works?

I will hopefully use some of my own photos, though I do know that a lot of it will be images garnered from Google, as I cannot take my own pictures of Hemingway and Plath, because obviously, they are dead. Maybe I can get some simple drawings in as well, if it is allowed, which would be nice and make the experience a lot more personal as well as creative.

Where will you start to look for images or video?

Google, naturally, for the authors images. Others I will try to take myself, as well as a small video snippet I have in mind from a show that accurately and humorously describes the way a writer… writes. It’s a surprise though, so I can’t say any more about it.

Do you already have some particular images or videos in mind?

Yes! As stated before, it’s a surprise for the video, just a silly thing to make people laugh at the end and end on a lighter note after all the depression talk. Images, as I have explained before, will be photos of authors, possibly drawings, and my own pictures.

What would you like your photo essay to look like?

Like the initial video we saw today in class about Identity, with the Australian girl, man and elderly woman talking about how they feel they gained and maintained their identity, or how they will in the future. I found that the dialogue was very natural and flowed easily, and it was also easy to follow along with the pictures provided as a pleasant visual aid.

What emotion or feeling do you want to create in your viewer?

A sense of concern for those who do have depression, instead of stereotyping it with the identity of writer. Also about what it means to be a writer– the struggles we face as well as the great success we can find in our own works, even if it never becomes famous. As a hobby or a profession, writing is a passion above all for us.

How will you create this feeling?

I’ll start off with some calming music, most likely from Marconi Union, to create a deeper feeling of concern. I might have it fade out in the background for a lighter track from a different artist to lift the mood a bit at the end. Pictures will obviously be used, and the secret surprise video clip!! Yeehaw!!

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