Analyzing Visual Arguments. (Due 9/11/2014) #2

Being a writer certainly isn’t easy, and sometimes it isn’t fun at all. Despite that we must keep writing, practicing and getting better… Yet despite that people seem to think we do otherwise– that these magical words appear on the paper that seem to wax poetic and create fantastic images… And yeah, we really wish that was true. Thus I stumbled upon this picture in Google, and what I saw made me laugh, because it’s very true.

The image above consists of 6 small images with captions underneath, and the image is very obvious titled “Writer”. Above the “What my friends think I do.” There is an image of a hand with a pen writing beautiful script words on notebook paper. Above “What my mom thinks I do.” Seemed to be mindless scrawling on a notepad with the word WRITING in big red letters on the side. “What society thinks I do” Has an image of a notebook with writing on it– maybe plotting, but really it just looks like college notes, aside a cup of coffee. The bottom row is as follows: “What my boss thinks I do.” A young woman asleep on her couch, “What I think I do.” A handsome writer looking inquisitively to the side, pen point upon his lip, and finally “What I actually do.” A screenshot from a Spongebob episode of said character holding a piece of paper. The paper only has the word “The” upon it, the T is an illuminated letter.

The image is obviously directed toward writers themselves, sort of as an inside joke to those who might take it very seriously. However anyone can find humor in this– or even those who aren’t writers, because the same thing can also apply to say… college papers. It’s obviously very effective, at least to me, because the humor of it and the depiction of how these different points of view (not to mention how accurate they are).

Now, presenting this to an opposing audience… Well I can’t really think of someone who would oppose this. It’s sole purpose is for humor, and taking offense to it would be pointless. Maybe they wouldn’t like one of the images… Perhaps the one of ‘what my boss/mom thinks I do’ because they think the opposite of what the image shows. Maybe their mother thinks they’re the next Shakespeare and their boss the future Nicholas Sparks. This could easily be solved– just switch out the images for one of Shakespeare and the other… Perhaps the cover of The Notebook. All in all, it’s just a humorous image to make writers laugh, because people think all these things of us… When really were just struggling to get down the first sentence!

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3 thoughts on “Analyzing Visual Arguments. (Due 9/11/2014) #2

  1. I think the only thing that really irks me regarding the picture in itself is that the top three pictures (“Friends” “Mom” “Society”) are all basically the same thing with different handwriting. It’s not very effective as an “argument” to have three of your points be the same thing said in different words. (I did enjoy reading what you had to say about it though.)


  2. I weirdly knew I would come across one of these images on this assignment, and I always love them. Honestly, I wish I had thought of it before doing mine haha. I think you did an awesome job breaking down what the images were referring to in a very articulate way. Also, I agree with you about presenting this to an opposite audience. There’s not much to change because it’s not exactly meant to persuade people to think differently about writers.


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