Memoir of a Blog… (Due 12/12)

Well, this is it…

Its been a surprisingly short semester, and I feel that everything had passed far too quickly. At first this class was nothing more than a requirement for my major, as well as a class that a friend and I planned on taking together a semester before. Though this is still true, I have found that I have learned much through the semester, both for writing and the subjects debated over.

I learned rogerian arguments versus position papers, and while it was challenging I loved the change in style and how much I gained from learning how to see from the others side and actually fight for them. I learned it helps a lot more in making a final consensus on things. I’ve learned a lot on pet vegetarianism, of stereotyping and lacto-ovo diets and even some politics! Though there is one thing I think this class helped me improve on the most.

No, not video editing. I’m still relatively terrible at that. And I still don’t know how to navigate this website.

Writing. I know it sounds typical, but peer reviews were my favorite part of the paper process. I rarely get my works looked over by others simply because they have their own college stuff ti take care of– and forget asking my parents. Nope. No. This isn’t middle school, that was traumatizing stuff. Getting peer reviewed on my academic papers helped me grow as a writer, and I will remember to include so much more because of everyone’s suggestions.

I’ve had so much fun, and hope to see some of you again!